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"Belgrade, in fact is not a city – it’s a metaphor, a way of life, a way of thinking."

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ETH Belgrade is a playground for exploring Ethereum possibilities. As part of Belgrade Blockchain Week, this three-day conference gathers extraordinary minds and Ethereum enthusiasts to share knowledge and spark ideas that will ignite the whole ecosystem. And what’s best, as soon as the conference ends, the “after party” begins - the ETH Belgrade Hackathon, which will gather brilliant minds in two days of non-stop action.

Why Belgrade?

The past and future have been flirting in Belgrade for centuries. Located where the Danube hugs Sava and the East clashes with the West, the city blends different cultures to create eclectic charm. Authentic, vibrant, and sometimes chaotic, Belgrade is built upon tradition, cosmopolitan spirit, and booming technologies.

Belgrade is home to 50+ Web3 companies creating a fruitful and fast-expanding local community. Many OGs, buidlers, and heavyweights like Polygon, Tenderly, and DeFi Saver, were born and raised in the city. But — one thing is for sure — they are not the last Web3 Belgraders you’ll hear about.

They’ve helped us BIG TIME!

Shout out to key industry players for supporting this year’s ETH Belgrade!

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Petar Popovic ETH Belgrade core Organiser, CEO at Renfter profile picture

Belgrade equals Web3. Some of the biggest Web3 projects in the world started here, and it’s our mission to make Belgrade’s name as recognizable as they are.”


ETH Belgrade Core Organiser, CEO & Founder at Renfter

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5-6 June, 2023